A Fresh New Welcome at The Blade

February 12, 2024
News & Insights
If you’re visiting The Blade soon, be ready for a new encounter following our recent reception makeover. Welcoming a stream of occupiers and their guests every day, our reception area is always a hive of activity. From early in the morning until the last few dedicated workers depart in the evening, there’s always someone passing through reception, stopping for a coffee or a chat, taking a call or just taking five minutes away from their desk – so we felt it deserved a little refurb!

Whilst our team will always guarantee you a friendly welcome and will be on hand to help with any queries you may have, more of our occupiers are using the reception space to work. There’s plenty of research to show how the right working environment can support productivity, encourage discussion and drive collaboration. So our updated space, and new sensory adaptations, are all designed to make the space more comfortable.

Our new signature scent

As you enter The Blade, don’t be surprised to see people taking deep breaths or sniffing the air. Our new signature scent from The White Company, is now in place. Luxurious, soothing and uplifting essential oils are blended with fresh natural fragrances which collectively help to relax the body but stimulate the mind. We’ve already been asked by lots of people what’s in the scent but it’s a carefully guarded secret!

Natural landscaping

Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games, we got everything you want in the building called The Blade...

Whilst it’s not quite a jungle, our new space now includes a lot more greenery. There are many studies about the positive impact plants have in offices - reducing sickness rates, increasing oxygen levels, reducing stress, creating natural sound absorption, and boosting productivity by up to 15% according to Cardiff University’s School of Psychology. With that weight of evidence, why wouldn’t you add a plant or two? And it turns out we’ve awoken green fingers in some of our team too who now enjoy caring for the plants.

The halls are alive…

…with the sound of music. The reception desk is now doubling up as a DJ booth and just as we’ve discovered our own gardeners with the plants, we’ve also unearthed some inner musicians – although not Mairi who seems to only have one playlist and its all Taylor Swift ☹

In all seriousness, research shows that people are more likely to talk if there is background music playing. This will not only help stimulate discussions between teams using the shared space for meetings but will also encourage guests to be more relaxed and speak to others in the reception area.

We love our new reception space. As well as being an architectural feast for the eyes from the outside, The Blade now has everything for the senses inside too. If you’ve not stopped by in a while, why not come and see what The Blade has to offer. And if you can hear Taylor Swift, then you’ll know who’s on reception!

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