A Taste of Theatre at The Blade

June 20, 2023
News & Insights
For the past few weeks, we’ve lent our 12th floor to RABBLE Theatre so they can rehearse for their upcoming production of Henry I. RABBLE is the region’s leading community-led professional theatre company. Based in Reading, the team focus on delivering local stories that place women front and centre and give those from low socio-economic backgrounds routes into the arts.

As a gesture of thanks to our team at The Blade for the rehearsal space, the RABBLE performers wanted to share more about the play with our occupiers and we recently held a Workshop Session for those who were keen to learn more. Occupiers and staff from across The Blade were invited to breakaway from their workspaces for an hour, bring their lunch and enjoy some theatrical entertainment. With the set being built in the Abbey Ruins there’s been great interest in what’s happening, and some of the panoramic views from The Blade’s windows have allowed us to spy on what’s taking shape below!  

Toby, from RABBLE Theatre introduced the session giving an overview of the play and sharing some details of the three venues in Reading, Winchester and London where it will be performed. The playwright, Beth Flintoff, also joined us to talk through her inspiration and the writing process, sharing details of little known Henry I who built Reading Abbey and made the town a European powerhouse. We then had a chance to see some of the costumes along with a model of the set.

The session ended with a live rehearsal of the one of the play’s scenes – a lovely sneak preview for our occupiers of what’s to come later this summer.

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