Boosting Reading’s Business Offering

March 6, 2023
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The Blade is a member of the Abbey Quarter Business Improvement District (BID) which aims to champion Reading and make it an attractive option for businesses, and for everyone who works here. As an iconic building, which has fast become a well-known and recognised part of the Reading skyline we feel it’s really important to help support and nurture the growing business community here. The Abbey Quarter BID helps us do just that.

The BID itself has a pretty varied role; as well as being responsible for some of the public works and aesthetics in the Abbey Quarter – such as the street cleaning, wardens, flower displays and Christmas decorations – it also looks to actively promote this area of Reading.


This includes regular business networking sessions and an active events programme for those working in the district. Specific wellbeing events are also available; including a free weekly yoga class and guided walks at lunchtimes. Other business focused roles offered by the BID are: training sessions and regular collections of recycling and old technology. The team also share a weekly newsletter with deals and promotions from businesses around Reading.


Of course, these are all very tangible elements of the BID’s role and, while these are important for all of us at The Blade, the relationship delivers so much more. As an employer ourselves, and as a base for a range of companies and other employers, our role in supporting the local economy is significant. There's a strong sense of purpose in ensuring we’re working closely with the BID and championing Reading businesses in every way we can.


We’re also aware of our role in managing this area of the town. The Blade is a significant part of the built environment in Reading, and we work hard to ensure that the building always looks immaculate and well cared for. Partnering with an organisation which takes responsibility for upholding the area and supporting the quality of the built environment is important to us. Many of our occupiers, and those who live and work in Reading, view The Blade as an icon,. Therefore it’s important to us to look after this very special building in every way that we can.


Being part of BID has a financial impact too and as a significant contributor to the initiative we feel it’s only right we play an active role. As a result, Charlotte Gilbert, who works for The Blade’s owner: Northwood Investors, is currently a member of the Abbey Quarter BID committee, helping make decisions about how the BID operates along with other business professionals in the area.


Find out more about the Abbey Quarter BID here.

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