Meet The Team - Charlotte

March 6, 2023
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The team at The Blade are focused on providing a professional and supportive service to keep everything running efficiently. Charlotte is a member of the Northwood Investors team, and is based at The Blade on the 2nd floor.

What does your role entail?

I manage a portfolio of properties for Northwood Investors - one of them being The Blade! It’s tricky to give a quick overview of what I do as every day is so different, which is something I love about my job.


How long have you been at The Blade?

I’ve worked with Northwood for 11 years and moved to The Blade in 2018 shortly after the building was purchased and became part of our property portfolio.


What is the strangest request you’ve managed?

My strangest request was before I moved to The Blade, involving a different office property I managed. We had a boxing promoter in one of our offices who asked me if they could do a weigh in using the courtyard space. I assumed this meant someone would stand on some scales – so it seemed a pretty easy request to agree to and I was a bit confused about why they’d asked my permission for something so small-scale. Little did I know that a boxing weigh in involved topless boxers, an interviewer, a TV crew and an aggressive “face off”!


Most challenging request?

One of the most tricky issues has involved the Peregrine Falcons and all the challenges they bought with them! When they first came to The Blade I didn’t realise how protected these birds were and there was a lot of pressure trying to manage the building without disturbing them. Since then we’ve learned a lot and today we’re so much better prepared. I definitely have a better idea of what’s ahead if they do return this year (fingers crossed!)


What makes The Blade such a special place to work?

The team are amazing here! It’s always wonderful to come into the office and be greeted by Joanna who always has a smile for everyone. Mark, Kevin and Alison are incredibly helpful too and everyone is happy to pitch in. It’s lovely to come into a clean and modern building to work, and I find it puts me in a good mindset at the start of each day. The Blade’s location is great too and it’s really convenient to be so close to the station and town centre.


Hobbies and interests?

My main hobby is cooking. I love finding new healthy recipes and find the process of cooking very therapeutic – it’s how I tend to unwind after work. I also love reading – my New Year’s resolution a few years ago was to read more and since then I’ve read every day! My favourite books so far are The Girl On The Train, Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine and Where the Crawdads Sing. I also like to go to the gym and swim regularly.

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