Meet The Team - Kevin

October 12, 2022
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At The Blade, our friendly, helpful teamprovide support with all aspects of managing the office space. Kevin is our cleaner and is a familiar and welcomingface to many of our occupiers.

What does your role entail?
I look after all aspects of keeping The Blade clean and tidy – from floors and windows to regular deep cleans. I’m sometimes here very early in the morning to get the floors mopped so they are dry ready for everyone coming in. We’ve also brought in some new cleaning regimes since the pandemic, and I use a fogging machine once a month in our shared areas to disinfect the space. I also look after some of our occupiers, keeping their offices clean and ready for use.

How long have you been at The Blade?
I’ve been in this job for four years, but I did work at The Blade 11 years ago for another contractor, so know this building really well. In fact I think I’m the longest serving member of the entire team! I worked here when the building was first finished and still empty so have seen lots of companies move in over the years, and got to know everyone well.

What is the strangest or most challenging request you’ve managed?
There isn’t anything particularly unusual – and I always take everything in my stride – my aim is to always be helpful, smile and get on with it! I sometimes also step into help with the mail and milk deliveries to make sure everything keeps running well for the companies who work here.

What makes The Blade such a special place to work?
Without a doubt it’s the team of people who are all lovely. I love being here – it’s relaxed and friendly and I always have a smile on my face and try to give anyone coming through the doors a cheerful welcome.

Your special talent?
I feel like I know this building inside out! I often help our maintenance manager Mark too, so get to see behind the scenes. I absolutely love being here and keeping everything looking as it should. I once clocked up 44,000 steps in a day!

Hobbies and interests?
I’m always busy– walking, fishing or socialising at the pub playing darts and pool. I love being out in the fresh air and walk to The Blade and home again every day. My partner and I enjoy a walk along the river from Reading Bridge and we usually take a picnic and enjoy the peace and quiet and views of the Thames. If you stop and stay still long enough you can spot trout and crayfish, and I’ve even had a deer and fawn come up to me – you just need to be patient.  

Claim to fame?
My fishing hobby has seen me catch some real giants including a 21lb pike and a 4.5lb perch –all from the Thames! In 1982 I broke the kid’s record for the biggest Barbel caught and even appeared in a fishing magazine.

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