Supporting Our Local Community at Christmas

January 23, 2024
News & Insights
During December, we ran our Reverse Advent Calendar campaign, encouraging occupiers to bring in food, drink and other store cupboard items which could be left under our Christmas Tree for donation to local food banks.

We ran the same campaign in 2022, and many of our occupiers were so impressed with the idea we had numerous requests to bring in back for another year! Our Reverse Advent Calendar is a pretty simple idea – encouraging our occupiers and their teams to bring in a particular item each day in December which we knew our local food banks were in need of. Of course items off the list were also welcomed with many of our generous occupiers choosing things with a long shelf life to enable packages to continue to be distributed to those in need throughout the year.

The Blade’s owners, Northwood Investors, also made a significant donation to help us increase the number of packages we were able to donate.

Our team then distributed all donations to food banks across the locality including centres at Newbury and Reading. We were absolutely overwhelmed with the support we received – the space under the Christmas Tree was so full we had to do two car runs in mid-December to free up some space!

At the end of the campaign we were able to look back and fully recognise the generosity of The Blade’s community. Here’s a round up of what we achieved together:

2 Days
5 Car Trips
7 People
29 Bags
46 Boxes
83 Pot Noodles

Thankyou to everyone at The Blade who got behind the campaign and left something –big or small - under the tree. It was a brilliant project to end the year with and we’ve loved seeing the whole building (and beyond) get so involved!

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