The Blade Celebrates as Two Peregrine Falcon Chicks Hatch on Roof

June 16, 2022
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Landmark Office Space in Reading Welcomes Returning Birds of Prey

The Blade Reading has provided the home for a new family of Peregrine Falcons. The birds of prey returned to nest earlier this year, and have produced two chicks so far, delighting birdwatchers in the area.

The Peregrines were first spotted at The Blade in 2020, when they nested successfully on the roof. Sadly the single egg they produced that season was lost, and the pair failed to return in 2021. The Blade’s team, including Mark Nanny, spent some time earlier this year ensuring that the roof spot was ready should the birds of prey decide to nest again. Expert advice was sought, and a nesting box carefully positioned to encourage them back. Initially there was no sign of the birds but after seeking expert advice from a local ornithologist the nesting box was re-positioned to face north, the preferred direction for Peregrines. They arrived just days later.  

Peregrines mate for life, and typically return to the same nesting spot annually. There are just 1,500 nesting pairs in the UK, following a period in which numbers fell due to human culling and increased pesticide use. They are now a protected species.

Nick Turner, Asset Manager at The Blade, comments: “It’s been very exciting to see the Peregrines back this year, and many of our occupiers have been eagerly looking out for them as they come into the office. Our Facilities team was hard at work earlier in the year, ensuring that the roof space was ready for the birds in the hope that they decided to return, so it’s been wonderful to see them choose The Blade’s roof to nest on once again.”

An inconspicuous webcam has been set up to show the Peregrine’s nest and is available at

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