The Blade in Numbers

June 24, 2024
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The Blade is big. Almost everything about it screams scale. You can’t be the tallest building in a town or city without setting a few records along the way or having some eye watering stats in terms of stairs and lifts for example - and we know! In order to write this article, we’ve walked every step, opened every door, counted every window and been from the very bottom of the building to the very top, several times. It genuinely is eye watering (and breath taking) – especially counting the stairs! So, we know it’s big.

Its about more than the offices

There are some surprising facts and figures about The Blade that we’ve learnt along the way and that we thought it would be fun to share with you. It’s part of a series of initiatives we’re taking across 2024 to look at The Blade from a different perspective. We talk a lot about the quality of our offices, the community feeling, the accessibility and facilities on offer locally, but we wanted to go a little deeper and get under the skin of the building. We’re starting with this, The Blade in numbers:

The Blade in Numbers

As you can see, from its original build cost to the total square footage and the number of people in the building on an average day, the figures are significant.

A building with impact

However, The Blade doesn’t just dominate the skyline of Reading, it has a key role in the business environment and with this in mind, later in 2024, we’re hoping to undertake a project with the University of Reading to look at The Economic Impact of The Blade. With a range of different sized employers occupying our offices and over 800 people in the building on an average day, we know that we’re having an impact on the local economy.

People choose Reading because of The Blade. Business owners know that this building attracts staff and is also the perfect base if you want your offices to enjoy great transport links, access to retail and leisure and also be at the beating heart of a vibrant town and business community. We even know that one of our occupiers chose The Blade purely because it is the tallest building in Reading - if you’re creating a drone superhighway you kind of need to be able to pop your head above the rest. So, all of that comes with a value and a benefit and we’re keen to find out what this looks like. When it comes to numbers, we think those financials will be considerable.

We’ll share our progress with you during the year, but we hope that for now, The Blade in numbers will tell you a little more about the landmark that is, The Blade.


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