The Blade Provides Iconic Backdrop for Art Project

June 16, 2022
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Landmark Office Space Chosen by Reading College Cinematographer

The Blade Reading has provided the backdrop for a new film project by a Reading College student John Browning, who is studying for a Diploma in Art, Design & Communication. John wanted to capture the movement and behaviour of people using the building’s lift in a candid way, after being inspired by the film LIFT by Marc Isaacs.

John spent a week at The Blade, talking to occupants as they used the lift throughout the day. His film will share some of their stories, against the unique perspective offered by The Blade’s external lift.

Nick Turner, Asset Manager at The Blade, commented: “It’s been fantastic to be able to support John in this contemporary and exciting project. Many of our occupants tell us how proud they are to work in such an iconic location. We can’t wait to see the final film and share it with our team and occupants.”

John Browning, Reading College Art & Design student added: “I've always had a keen interest in film, and after seeing Marc Isaacs’ documentary, I was inspired to translate his concept to a local building. The Blade is such a distinct and modern structure, and I particularly liked the fact that the lifts were external. As the tallest building in Reading, The Blade provides a unique view of the town, and although my film’s perspective is different to Marc Issacs’, who filmed people entirely in an internal lift, I felt having the additional view of a recognisable location would give an extra dimension to my film.”

Inside The Blade by John Browning is available here:

LIFT by Marc Isaacs is available here:

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