We’ve moved the building closer to London!

December 21, 2022
News & Insights
If you’re reading the title of this article and questioning how we could possibly move The Blade closer to London or London closer to The Blade, don’t worry, we’ve not gone crazy. We’re merely celebrating the arrival of the Elizabeth Line to Reading.

Already boasting a network of connections across the South East and to the North, Reading became even more connected in November when the Elizabeth Line opened, providing direct train services from Reading to central London, the City, Canary Wharf and beyond.

Depending on which floor you start from in The Blade, Reading’s main train station is just 5 minutes’ walk away, which now means you could go from your desk to Canary Wharf without changing trains in around 85minutes or be in the heart of the West End in an hour.

The Elizabeth Line (originally called Crossrail) offers seamless connections from Reading in the West to Abbey Wood and Shenfield in the East and all the most important stops along the way. The new line, which has now been fully commissioned, connects major interchanges across the capital including London Heathrow Airport, Bond Street, Liverpool Street, Paddington and Stratford.

So, whether you need to pop into the West End for a spot of shopping and a show after work, Canary Wharf or the City for a business meeting or even get across to Heathrow to catch a flight, it’s just become a whole lot easier and faster.

With more businesses wanting and needing access to London but actively choosing to locate their offices outside of the capital, The Blade and Reading continue to offer an unrivalled combination of quality of office space and connections and the opening of the Elizabeth line is just one more reason why companies will choose us as their ultimate location.

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