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Altitude Angel At-A-Glance

Altitude Angel is leading a revolution in aviation technology, with its software enabling drones to use airspace safely and securely alongside traditional airspace users.

The company’s award-winning software enables drones to move safely through increasingly busy global airspace, aiming to help harness their potential by enabling them to transport goods, parts, food, and medical supplies without the need for a pilot to control each and every flight.

Cosima Wagner, Altitude Angel, Marketing Manager, explains how The Blade resonates with the company’s own culture:

“We’re very aware of how important it is for us to stay relevant, forward-thinking, well connected, and we like to instil these values in our team and the work we are doing. We wanted a headquarters which reflected these values – we are an innovative, modern technology company and The Blade truly echoes these attributes.”

What’s your favourite view from The Blade?

The 13th floor, which looks out over Reading and beyond, is spectacular. It’s great to be able to see not only the bustling town itself, but all the green spaces which surround us – you can see for miles on a clear day.

Looking down on the old Abbey site is always interesting too. Being up there really helps to put things into perspective!

A perfect position and location

Reading has also proved a perfect position for the Altitude Angel team, who have used the town as the base from which to test the idea of a ‘drone superhighway’. After successful trials in a five-mile zone in an area south of Reading, the concept was approved by the UK government in 2022 to increase the ‘superhighway’ to 164 miles. Altitude Angel is leading the Project Skyway consortium to create virtual corridors along which drones can transit whilst being safely monitored by the team in The Blade. The 165-mile network will connect Reading, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Coventry and Rugby, with plans to add Southampton in time.

Cosima talked about the importance of the location to the team:

“Everyone loves working from The Blade - it’s easy to get to, central and well connected. The office space is very light and airy and gives everyone a great view over Reading and beyond, which, being in the aviation sector, offers the perfect atmosphere for our working environment.”

Life at The Blade

With locations in the UK and the Netherlands, and the need for regular live demonstrations and attendance at global aviation events, the Altitude Angel team are always on the move. So it’s important to offer an accessible base to give the team the chance to reconnect.

Cosima explains:

“We’re a busy team and pride ourselves on offering a great working environment. As a leader in our field, it’s vital that we have round the clock access to a professionally managed space with secure, resilient connectivity. The Blade offers us 24/7 access, modern space for focused work, and access to meeting rooms and a business lounge when our team needs to collaborate. And there’s flexibility too - colleagues also take advantage of the informal seating areas to catch up if they want a quick break away from the office for a coffee and a chat.”

Superstars at The Blade

“Joanna in Reception and Kevin, a cleaner in the Facilities Team, are always ready to help. But the whole team are brilliant – everyone is very approachable, and occupiers and visitors alike are always met with a smile.”