Meet The Team - Alison

November 30, 2022
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The Blade’s welcoming and supportive team help keep all aspects of the building running smoothly. Alison is a member of our cleaning team and ensures our facilities offer an impressive welcome to all.

What does your role entail?
I work full time as a cleaner at The Blade keeping all areas immaculately clean and safe for all occupiers. We’re a really close-knit team and my co-worker Kevin and I take aside of the building each and meet in the middle!

How long have you been at The Blade?
I joined The Blade 13 months ago, after working as a self-employed cleaner for many years. After time spent managing private property deep-cleans and cleaning student lets it’s great to be based in one location.

What is the strangest or most challenging request you’ve managed?
There’s been nothing that unusual that I’ve been asked to do yet at The Blade, but in my previous job I was once asked to deep clean a greenhouse!

What makes The Blade such a special place to work?
I love working in this very unique building – the surroundings are fantastic, and the team are kind and friendly. Everyone here, including all of our occupiers, have been really welcoming. These days I definitely don’t have a Monday morning feeling!

Your special talent?
My daughter says I’m an animal whisperer as I love every type of animal – large or small. My favourite thing to do is to visit a wildlife park and see the animals, especially the giraffes! At home I have a 12-year-old cat called Thomas and our newest member of the family is a seven month old bearded dragon called Ziggi.

Hobbies and interests?
In my evenings and weekends, I make wax melts, and have done so for more than 10 years. I even have a diploma to show my skill! I love creating new combinations and in the winter months there’s nothing better than lighting a baked gingerbread scented melt. Each of the wax melts I create is handmade and hand-poured and as well as selling to family and friends and via Etsy and Facebook I’ve also enjoyed being able to take part in events at The Blade which showcase local crafts and produce.

Claim to fame?
During my teenage years I was part of the cheerleading squad for the Reading Racers motorcycle speedway – the first cheerleading team in the UK. We performed every Monday night during the season and if there was a win we’d enjoy a ride round the track on the bikes to celebrate. It was an amazing experience, and we were even featured in the national press – I absolutely loved it!

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